Hospitality Brands Offer Black Cosmetic Towels with Purpose 1

Hospitality Brands Offer Black Cosmetic Towels with Purpose

Standards in the hospitality industry are set for good reason, and that means change often comes slow. The following is one textbook example of this. The industry standard is white towels. Guests love them because you can instantly see whether they are clean or not. So why is one black towel starting to show up on the towel rack of many hotel rooms?

The hospitality industry is starting to introduce the cosmetic towel. A small black towel with the word cosmetic or makeup on it is hung amidst the white towels in the bathroom. The implications are clear. So what are the positives and negatives?

Advantages: Most hotel owners agree that it’s an absolute pain getting makeup stains out of crisp white towels. And even if you can charge for stained towels without alienating travelers, you don’t want to have to place orders for new towels so often. The cosmetic towel is a nice perk for guests who use makeup, and it saves you on laundry issues and towel reorders.

Disadvantages: Remember the purpose of white towels – it’s easy to see they are clean. Some guests may be reluctant to use the cosmetic towel due to being unsure if it is really clean. That puts you right back in the situation you were in before. Plus, you now have to separate out black towels for the laundry.

Hospitality Businesses Make Difficult Supply Decisions

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