How 2020 Changed the Rules for the Hospitality Industry 1

How 2020 Changed the Rules for the Hospitality Industry

Every hospitality business is happy that 2020 is over and that 2021 is already shaping up to be a much better year. However, the pandemic will seemingly have long-term effects on the entire sector. Here are some of the trends that 2020 started that hospitality businesses will have to adjust to moving into the future:

  • People love delivery and contactless services – all restaurants need to offer delivery and take-out services moving forward. Yes, you want to be prepared to welcome back crowds when it is possible, but people seem to really like eating food at home that was prepared somewhere else. Don’t expect this trend to go away anytime soon.
  • Home-sharing has claimed a large chunk of the lodging sector – Vacation rentals have ruled pandemic-era travel. Rental owners need to capitalize on this and hotels need to adjust their strategy. Once you understand why travelers are leaning toward homes over hotels, you can figure how to make adjustments moving forward.
  • Work from home is here to stay – this means less business travel. However, it also means more freedom to take work on the road. Set up your hotel or vacation rental to welcome travelers who need high-speed internet and a dedicated workspace to capitalize on this trend.

Prepare Your Hospitality Business for the Future

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